Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show

I do not think it is physically possible for me to love this song any more than I do now. This song is entwined in the lingering auditory sensations of some of my favorite and most vivid memories of freshman year.

They are playing at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown on May 26 — the same venue at which I saw Bon Iver in October. I absolutely love it there. It is so breath-takingly beautiful, nestled in the hills of upstate New York. If only we weren’t leaving for the summer in three weeks time.

Had we been here, I know you and I would have gone and had such an incredible night. If only.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody - Fergie ft. Q-Tip & GoonRock

JFC, YOU GUYS. Can we talk about how fucking flawless this movie is going to be? I have literally never been this excited for a movie release. This is so damn catchy and wonderful I can’t even handle it.

I have never fallen absolutely in love with a band after listening to one song. It just happened. So damn good. I think I’m obsessed. 

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood 

"She knows what I think about.
And what I think about —
One love. Two mouths.
One love. One house.
No shirt, no blouse.
Just us. You find out.
Nothing that we don’t want to tell you about, no.

It’s too cold
for you here.
and now so let me hold both your hands in,
the holes of my sweater.”

I am so in love with this song. The feel of it catalyzes a flood of richly colored memories of times now passed, in addition to curiously resembling the vibe of certain aspects of my present life here. 

Birthday — Kings of Leon

"We gonna come together, we gonna celebrate.
We gonna gather ‘round, like it’s your birthday.
I don’t wanna know, just what I’m gonna do —
I don’t care where your going, I’m coming along with you.

Walking her home with the grassy field,
fallin’ and laughin’ at the drinks we spilled.
Just one of those nights that I had to share;
she’s in a daze, without a care.”

Dearest Forsaken — Iron & Wine

"To my dearest forsaken
who the earth now has taken —
empty, the bottle drains no more.

It is true that I loved you
despite the harm now on you
washes, the river has you boy.

To my dearest forsaken,
dearest vow I have broken,
afraid of your angry hands no more.

I’ll put my trust in the savior,
river may have me later,
sleep with my lost love for you boy.”

One of my roommates asked me to make her a playlist. 
Voilà! Here is the final result. 

I am in love with this album right now. This song is incredible. It sounds almost like the Smashing Pumpkins meets early 90’s Everclear.

Breakfast After Ten - Blue October

"So just pick your head up boys and walk away.
Walk the coolest walk that you know
‘cause in a month or two she’ll call you —
you gotta hang up the phone.

I hope she knows I got this memory
that won’t ever seem to break or bend.
A thick lock and sheetrock is on my windows in the kitchen,
I dont think I’ll ever take them down again.

And I’ve learned a lot from all these break ups and make ups
and fuck ups and fake ups,
things that I wish you could comprehend.
But for now I’ll lace up my wingtip shoes, boys,
and I’ll go and have breakfast with my good friends.”


ALL OF THE LIGHTS.(featuring some seriously awesome music mashups.)[download / listen]
i. all of the lights - ellie goulding + kanye westii. national bitch - marina and the diamonds + lana del reyiii. power the casbah - the clash + kanye westiv. intro to minnesota, wi - the xx + bon iverv. radiospectrum - florence and the machine + marina and the diamondsvi. with or without somebody that i used to know - u2 + gotye ft. kimbravii. tik tok together - the beatles + ke$haviii. pumped up paradise - coldplay + foster the peopleix. this charming video game - the smiths + lana del rey

Obsessed. So faded and transient sounding. I seriously love him so much. He fluidly incorporates so many references.

Flipping Out - Hoodie Allen

This song is flawless. So soulful.

The Enemy - Mumford & Sons